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RMA handling / instructions of return shipment

The RMA handling enables an immediate, quick and complete processing of your return.

Instructions of return shipment for:

  •  Repairs

Please notify us about each return shipment in advance: RMA@imes-icore.de

We need the following information to create the RMA document:

  • Customer number/company address
  • Name/contact details of the clerk
  • Article number and description of the disfuntcional article
  • Serial number (if available)
  • Original delivery document of the claimed item (delivery note/invoice)
    (if it is a built-in part of a machine, we need the delivery document of the machine or machine serial number)
  • Error description
  •  Returns
  • of loan, sample and test parts
  • of wrong deliveries
  • of exchange deliveries
  • sealed items 

Return shipment with a already created RMA covering letter for the open process.

If not available, please request at RMA@imes-icore.de

  • Please enclose the completed RMA-covering letter to the part.
  • Send your goods without any additional fee to the address given to you. 

Please notice – Pay attention!

  • The client must submit a written complaint to imes-icore GmbH within seven days after receiving the goods at the destination. 
  • A return shipment of the rejected goods only is permitted with prior consultation/agreement.
  • For returns that are not attributable to the fault of imes-icore, a restorage fee of 20% of the original sales price will be charged or deducted from the credit.
  • Custom-made products and software are generally excluded from return.
  • Return of order-related picked goods only is possible with prior consulation.
  • Goods where no delivery fee was payed will not be accepted (only by prior consultation).
  • The return shipment must be made in suitable packaging to avoid transport damage.
  • Sample returns must be complete and undamaged, otherwise no processing is possible and the price can´t be credited to your account.
  • In case of exchange or revocation, the goods must be in a saleable condition. We may not be able to issue a credit note for damaged items or damaged sales packaging, opened packaging or trading units.
  • Return – sealed goods/packaging
    By opening the sealed packaging/item you commit to purchase. A return is only possible after prior consultation and special agreement.
  • The return of ELECTRONIC spare parts with an opened seal, which has not been authorized by the imes-icore service department, will be rejected.
  • Repairs outside the warranty are not free. 

Complaints within the warranty:

  • Please send your disfunctional good for inspection/repair using our RMA covering letter.
  • Exchange deliveries are only made by us in exeptional cases, for example when reconditioned service parts are available. 
  • An agreed exchange within the warranty is initially charged. Statements regarding the warranty only can be made after the complained goods have been inspected (in the case of warranty, a credit note will be issued). Please return the complained item within the period indicated in the delivery note using our RMA covering letter.
  • The shipping costs are to be submitted by the orderer.
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