Contact Headquarter

Telephone: +49 (0) 6672 898-228
Telefax: +49 (0) 6672 898-222
Email: info@imes-icore.de

Business hours

Mo. - Th.: 08:00 am - 05:00 pm
Fr.: 08:00 am - 02:00 pm

RMA-handling / instructions of return shipment for:

  • return shipment of defective items within the guarantee
  • return shipment of defective items  outside the guarantee
  • return shipment of  loan-, sample- & test parts
  • return shipment of wrong delivery

In order to handle the return shipment promptly and exactly the following instructions of return shipment are valid:

Please declare the return shipment before delivery. 

Contact persons:

Mrs. Seiler   Tel.: +49  66 72 898 227   eva.seiler@imes-icore.de
Mrs. Schneider Tel.: +49  66 72 898 227   sabrina.schneider@imes-icore.de

  • You will receive a prefabricated RMA-Covering letter.
  • Please enclose the completed  RMA-covering letter to the part.
  • The parts have to be delivered free domicile to the indicated address.

Please notice – Pay attention!

    • Without complete RMA-Covering letter it is no handling.
    • We do not accept items that are delivered freight collect  (only after previous agreement).
    • In order to avoid damage during transport please use adequate packaging for return shipment.
    • The return shipment of samples has to be complete and undamaged, otherwise the handling is not possible.
    • In case of exchange or revocation the items have to be in a saleable state. If you return damaged articles in damaged packaging or opened packaging we probably cannot issue credit notes.
    • An agreed exchange within the guarantee is without charging inside Germany. You have to return the defective items immediately after receipt of the exchange delivery (according to the instructions of return shipment listed above). After inspection of the defective goods and exclusion of third-party responsibility the guarantee can be issued actually. If we realize that there is no malfunction during inspection we reserve the right to charge the new replacement or to exchange the replacement back and to charge the resulting costs.
    • Repairs outside the guarantee are be charged
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