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Customized CAD / CAM seminars

General information on our seminars

The isyCAM seminars take place in our own training center. In modern equipped and air-conditioned premises you will be taught the contents of the CAD/CAM software. Perfectly voted for the cad/cam systems of imes-icore. At noon, we invite you to a warm meal in our canteen. In addition, you will receive for each seminar course materials and a training diploma. For optimum learning success will find the seminars in small groups (up to 6 persons).


Training of CNC machines and CAD/CAM software

 We offer advanced training for machine operators, programming personnel up to the maintenance staff.

isy CAM basic training / daily seminar
Only by extensive support and purposeful training in the neuralgic points of a CNC-machine system a quick start-up is ensured and the time to market can be reduced to a multiple. In the purchase price of the first licence of isy CAM 2.5/3.0 a daily seminar for one person is contained in our training centre in Eiterfeld. For each participant a computer working station is available. Contents of the daily seminar: Installation, general user interface, basic rules, import and process of foreign file data, 2D-construction, simple 3D-construction, CAM: 2D-contoures and pocket milling, remaining material recognition, engraving, drilling, 3D-milling, post process (NC-data generation).
individual training
Beyond that we offer resuming individual seminars, which are suitable to respective applications and needs of the customers, e.g.. Special training 2D-front panel machining (2D-construction, CAM processing, control software, milling), 5-axis milling data generation or general machine operation. The training courses can take place in our company or at the customers company depending upon need. Please ask our selling team. We will be glad to advise you about the best training for you and your employees.

hort training and acceptance of the machine system
The machine system will usually hand over in our company in Eiterfeld. With our service technicians you examine all important details and you will learn how to set up correctly, aligned and attached your machine. You will be instructed, " application-oriented " into the general machine operation, in particular into the control programs WIN-Remote and/or MM2000. You will get important tips for maintenance and servicing of the system. Furthermore you can locate and repair small " arising errors" by yourself. Duration of the training approx. 2-3 hours.
D  on location
Beyond that we also offer the complete delivery, bringing in and the training into the machine system at the customers locally. This is for you the most elegant solution. You need neither to care about a transport company nor the journey of your technicians to our work. Our service technician's deliver punctually, the machine will be set up and attached professionally and the machine personnel will be trained directly locally. You can concentrate yourself on the substantial: The production of your parts.

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