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The perfect water jet machines for your Application

iCUTwater smart
• Low weight
• Integrated sedimentation tank
• Low noise emission
• Machine fits 900 mm wide doors

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iCUTwater basic 3020/2010
• Suitable for pure water or abrasive cutting
• Hand-held operating unit
• Linear motors
• Machine size up to large format available
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Economy series

The Economy series is designed by the low investment costs particularly for individual single pieces and small series in flexible workshop, production operation or for school and teaching. Models of this series are easily transportable and with their small footprint they fit anywhere. The Economy machines are linked to the energy-saving pump and the flexible possibilities of waterjet cutting machine is the ideal workshop.

Industry series

The imes-icore industrial series leaves no wishes unfulfilled. In customer applications, we adapt the design of the machines to the needs of the user / application. Designed for the demands of harsh industrial everyday machinery industry series were tuned to the diverse demands of the industry. The industrial water jet machines can be equipped with angle error adjustment with multiple water jet cutting heads at an adjustable bearing crossmember or at their own controlled Z-axis, an automated water level regulation, pipe water jet cutter, or with a true 5-axis / 3D water jet cutting system.

Premium series

The Premium series are large-format water jet machines with metal frame and granite countertops up to a size of 6000x3000 mm. They are due to linear drives and external position measuring systems by highest motorization and accuracy. Another feature are a lot of options that allow the machine to adapt optimally for their particular job or as a base for high-quality special water jet machines. The water jet cutting machines of the industry series are mostly used by subcontractors in the rolling week where every second is important.


Accessories for water jet systems

Accessories for your water jet system
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Satisfied Customers

Gerhard Schubert GmbH

„We were looking for the smallest waterjet cutting machine to cut rubber, gaskets and plastics quickly and easily. The simple but stable construction of the machine, as well as the easy to use software was decisive for the purchase. The uncomplicated and fast order processing confirmed our decision.“

M. Schindler

OMV Austria Exploration & Production GmbH

"We needed a reliable machine for processing the most varied materials, which changed daily, and found what we were looking for in the CUTmatic Platinum."

Klaus Wiener, Head of production

Suttner Concertinas

"We are one of the world's leading manufacturers of Concertinas for professional use. The Concertina is a musical instrument that belongs to the family of piercing reeds, such as accordion and harmonica. The most precise production of the reeds is crucial for the quality of a Concertina. The air gap between the reed and the reed frame must not exceed 0.02 mm. We use iCUT water eco to achieve this high standard. It guarantees this high production accuracy and cuts the reeds made of spring steel strip and the reed frames made of brass without any problems."

Mr. J. Suttner


The water jet systems of imes-icore

Water jet cutting with the power of water

The water jet is a universal tool for separating practically all materials. A high-pressure pump raises the pressure of the water to more than 6000 bar and accelerates it to several times the speed of sound. Thus, also foam/insulation material, textiles, foodstuff, rubber seals and other light materials can be cut. If an abrasive agent is now added, e.g. garnet sand, the micro-machining effect of the water jet with the accelerated abrasive agent now knows practically no limits for the water jet cutting tasks to be overcome. Thus, for example, also aluminium, steel, stainless steel, titanium, granite or armoured glass can be perfectly cut.

The non-existing thermal load and low mechanical load acting on the workpiece opens up new options for application - also beyond mass production. Due to narrow interleaving and small size of the cutting tool, the procedure concedes less material loss in comparison to other procedures – mainly at a higher speed and with a very good quality of surface cut.

  • Arbitrary contours are possible at all positions of the slab!
  • The quality of the cut, from quick and reasonable separation cut up to near-perfect cuts free of post-processing, can be arbitrarily determined.
  • No toxic vapours or smoke emission
  • Machining of the most different materials on one machine without changing the tool!

Water jet cutting

Advantages of water jet cutting:

  • no thermal effects and low mechanical strain to the water jet.
  • Virtually burr-free cuts with the water jet system from imes-icore- little or no reworking necessary.
  • materials to 120 mm thickness can be processed with our water jet cutting.
  • Water jet cutting is suitable for almost any cutting application.
  • Almost no material limitations, you can work on: plastics / foams, composites, wood, all kinds of metals, natural stone, ceramics
  • water jet cutting systems allow "piercing" on any point of the work piece.
  • water jet cutting systems allow environmentally friendly and  cost-efficient to work on the most diverse materials.

Operating principle water jet cutting head



The different methods of water jet cutting:

Pure water jet cutting (Pure water method):

A high pressure water jet is used for separating material. The cutting head is CNC-controlled moving over the stationary work piece. From disk material any 2D contours can be cut. A high jet speed and the very small jet diameter lead to a high local pressure load on the work piece and separate it. The pure water cutting is suitable for cutting materials of low hardness. The water jet machine uses only water without additives.

On materials where the pure-water method reaches its limits, the abrasive water jet cutting method is used.
During abrasive water jet method the water is added a fine-grained cutting agent (eg, garnet, corundum).

Abrasive water jet cutting:

After addition of the abrasive medium, water, air and abrasive are combined in the mixing chamber, bundled in the focusing nozzle and accelerated.
The result of this technology is a high-energy jet that cuts and separates materials of large thickness and a wide variety of consistency such as metals, ceramics, hard stone and glass for boulder work. abrasive water jet cutting is suitable for cutting hard materials.


FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions) about water systems from imes-icore

This area is a highlight and a valuable service in the selection of your water jet plant, to learn all the important and necessary background information about our water jet systems.

The individual questions about our water jet plant are divided into different topics:


How long is the delivery time of a waterjet system?

What is the cost of a waterjet system?

Does imes-icore GmbH offer used water jet cutting machines for sale?

Types of Water Jet Systems - What are the Differences in Water Jet Machines?

Which configuration options are available for water jet machines?

Warranty for water jet systems from imes-icore?

Which service intervals for water jet systems are there?

How is the readiness water jet technician?

Which conversion expansion options are available for water jet systems?

Which pump performance is suitable for which application?

What are the requirements for setting up a waterjet system?

How long is the delivery time of a waterjet system?

 The delivery time depends on the particular machine and the wishes of the user, demonstration machines are of course immediately available.


What is the cost of a waterjet system?

The cost depends on the particular machine and the wishes of the user, the cheapest ready-to-use water jet systems start at about 60,000 euros


Does imes-icore GmbH offer used water jet cutting machines for sale?

Every now and then we offer used waterjet equipment, either our demonstration machines or eg trade-ins for new waterjet systems. Inform yourself regularly about current water jet machine offers directly from our sales staff.


Types of Water Jet Systems - What are the Differences in Water Jet Machines?

A rough classification, in addition to the workplace size, would be the classification in Abrassiv- and pure water cutting systems. The micro-waterjet systems represent a completely different direction. The focus here is not on speed, but on the precision and filigree quality of the components.


Which configuration options are available for water jet machines?

The waterjet systems can be extensively configured to increase the ease of use or to enable special applications. We comply with the equipment of the water jet system fully according to the wishes of our customers. For example, the pipe cutting in which a special device ensures that the pipe without sacrificial material moves evenly and is cut. Another special addition is the 5-axis waterjet cutting head. This allows the water jet system in X, Y and Z direction to correct the position of the cutting head and thus to compensate for movements of the water jet system or to perform oblique cuts.


Warranty for water jet systems from imes-icore?

Each new machine will receive a 12-month warranty, of course this can be increased to 24 months on fair terms. Another option is to conclude service contracts where the servicing of your water jet machine is performed at regular intervals by our service personnel..


Which service intervals for water jet systems are there?

Many minor cleaning and maintenance work on your waterjet system can already be carried out by the customer. The interval at which water jet machines are serviced by our specialists depends on the intensity of use and is individual for each water jet machine.


How is the readiness water jet technician?

If required, the imes-icore service technicians are available by telephone or in person for the entire working week without special agreement.


Which conversion expansion options are available for water jet systems?

Various expansion options, eg larger pump and more cutting heads are still possible long after machine installation.


Which pump performance is suitable for which application?

The required pumping capacity depends on the required output and investment volume, larger pumps achieve higher pressures (up to 6200 bar) and a higher flow rate to operate several cutting heads. Since the performance of the water jet system and your pump is based on the wishes and budget of the customer, the personal consultation with our water jet equipment sales department is the right choice.


What are the requirements for setting up a waterjet system?

The machines require a suitable power connection as well as dry / oil-free compressed air and of course a connection for water and wastewater, depending on the pump capacity. An important point is the frost-proof installation of the waterjet machine.


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