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Examples of CNC milling machines, custom-made


Costom-made machine with 2 working areas

The custom cnc milling machine, with the patented metal/granite sandwich construction for the moving axes (gantry and crossbeam), is based on the proven cnc milling machine concept of imes-icore GmbH. The axes drive on high-precision linear guides on a solid steel/granite machine table base. This results in maximum stiffness with simultaneous weight savings. Extensive dynamics and a high degree of running quietness are attained with the powered nuts of the circulating ball screw. AC servo motors are used as drives.

imes-icore Sondermaschine zwei getrennte bearbeitungstische / CNC milling special machine with two separate machining tables


Technical Highlights of the cnc milling machine

  • Customer-specific machine sizeSteel/granite sandwich construction
  • Guides outside the milling range
  • Profile rail guides with guide trolley
  • Z-axis mounted centrally on the X-axis
  • 2 separate working areas
  • Tool change system with 10 spaces
  • Heidenhain iTNC530 control

The powerful ES915 spindle with SK30 tool holder allows the clamping of tools with a diameter of 20 mm.

The advantage of this cnc milling machine concept is obvious: With a 3-axis milling system, you have access to two separate machine tables. By protecting the individual work tables it is possible to load and unload one side whilst a machining process takes place on the other side. The cnc machine standstill times are reduced to a minimum.

The interplay between functions such as jerk control, speed and acceleration pre-settings, and look-ahead rail control enable optimum utilisation of the technology and alignment with changing requirements when it comes to speed, accuracy and surface quality.




Milling and lasering in one cnc machine

imes-icore ilas laser und cnc fraesen in einer maschine, ilas laser and CNC milling in one machine

Customised cnc laser machine with i-las laser and milling spindle on one axis. This enables the subsequent engraving of previously milled parts such as serial numbers or company logos.













CNC system with integrated shuttle table and monitoring with light barrier

imes-icore Sonderanlage CNC Fraesmaschine zwei bearbeitungstischeBy the singular, modular and flexible building method of the cnc milling machine systems we can plan and convert customized CNC automation solutions for the industrial manufacturing within shortest time to your desires and conceptions. By the own manufacturing of all individual components like linear axis a multiplicity of possibilities can be realized.








ICV 4030 in special paint finish with laser scanner module for high-precision 3D scanning

imes-icore Sonderanlage Sonderlakierung 3d-sanner, Special cnc system with 3D scanner and custom paint

The complete laser system scan ICV 4030 gives you the opportunity to existing surfaces and reliefs to capture digital, and then process them in STL format. At the customer have in your own colors and with accessories according to customer requirements. Here seen in the picture is the system with a granite table.

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