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   and that's what our customers say
            about their imes-icore custom solutions:


"Sewing templates are at the heart of the high-end large-field computer stitchers from PFAFF INDUSTRIAL. When it comes to milling these templates, the milling technology from imes-icore is our first choice. The imes-icore products have proven themselves precise and powerful in practice. They are compact units with simple and intuitive use."

 Viktor Bassner, Sales Manager


Minerva Industriële Products

"Being a supplier of balancing material, we have to respond very quickly to our customers, with the new laser cutting machine we have the opportunity to produce immediately what is essential in this business, due to our large stock of material and the presence of a flexible laser cutting machine, we can produce the product according to customer-specific drawings. "

Mr. Edwin de Harder, Director

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