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Custom water jet machines

 Around the topic Water jet cutting the imes-icore has extensive experience in the individualization of our standard machines or complete production of special machines.

 Water jet system with multiple cutting heads


imes-icore Spezial Wasserstrahlanlage mehrere Schneidköpfe / special water jet system multiple cutting heads


  • Individually controlled cutting head groups
  • Shuttle table
  • customer design
  • Automatable double shuttle table system
  • Travel range 4000mm x 2000m
  • 30 m / min by precision
  • Linear drives with external displacement measuring system
  • Granite and steel portal construction
  • Five high-performance cutting heads, + -15 degrees automatic pivoting
  • Complete enclosure with automated lift doors
  • 2x37 KW high pressure pumps with 4000 bar each
  • cleaning system
  • stainless steel basin



5-axis head for 5-axis waterjet cutting


5-Achs Schneiden durch imes-icore 5-Aschs-Wasserstrahlkopf / 5-axis cutting through imes-icore 5-axis waterjet headimes-icore GmbH has two fundamentally aligned systems available for the 5-axis waterjet systems, for various tasks.

Both systems realise the movement around the TCP and are therefore highly space-efficient.

The first construction kit was developed in order to minimise effects that are detrimental to the cutting results in the cutting angle specifically at very high cutting speeds, as can arise with very high pressures of up to 6200 bar. The effect of this is the cutting edge no longer running vertically to the material surface. In order to achieve a quality cut at these high speeds, it is advantageous if the necessary movements of the cutting head can be implemented highly dynamically, without corrections in X, Y and Z. Through the unique design principle it is possible to cut endless numbers of "spirals" without a return movement being required. The imes-icore 

in-house developed movement mechanism is particularly space-efficient through the limitation of the working angle to a maximum +-10°, and can therefore be retrofitted to existing machines.

A second construction kit is available with a true 45° cutting device. With this it is possible to realise the classic 2.5-D or 3D cuts on panel material. The swivel movement also runs through the TCP. Additionally, a tailored sensing system ensures a constant distance between the water outlet and workpiece surface throughout the entire cutting process. With this system the user also has access to the cutting angle correction.


iCUTwater tube cutting Water jet tube cutting

iCUTwater Wasserstrahl-Rohrschneidevorrichtung / iCutwater waterjet tube cutterRohre schneiden mit Wasserstrahlanlagen / Tube Water jet cutting equipmentTube processing with the abrasive waterjet requires a number of features, in order to guarantee an industrial production process. imes-icore GmbH offers its own auxiliary module for your flat material water jet systems, which enables tube processing without damaging the inside of the tube and without using the customary sacrificial material.

This patented process works quietly and splash-free beneath the water level, and in doing so requires no costly and 

vulnerable fourth axis - the tube is moved purely mechanically without an additional drive. The specialised control system only reads in processed 3D drawings. However, the operator without CAD experience can also prepare tube processing in just a few seconds with macro support. As the tube cutting device is an additional module, the water jet system can 

Even more flexible with the CUTwatertube cutting devicechange between tube and flat material with just a few manual adjustments.

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