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What our customers say about the Economy milling machine range:


Obrira - Low Vision Rathenow

With the procurement of the ICP it has been possible to replace extensive conventional drilling and milling technology in our production. The ICP 3020 operates in just the smallest space without complication, entirely fault-free, is low maintenance and requires minimal set-up work. Thanks to the isy-CAM training in Eiterfeld, as a complete beginner we have been able to work on a CNC-controlled system from day one. Excellent service, excellent team, super price-performance ratio and made in Germany too.

André Schwolow, Managing Director


Keramik Institut Meißen 

An FE project begins with the planning of the required devices and equipment. Within the framework of a collaborative project, KI Keramik-Institut GmbH was set to embark on the development of a ceramic rotor disc and required a CNC machine for this purpose with a particularly high degree of flexibility and expandability. We decided to opt for the EUROMOD from imes-icore GmbH, which entirely fulfilled the very special requirements in our project.

Michael Bormann, Project Manager


Fielmann Modebrillen Rathenow 

Since January 2014 we have been successfully using the ICV 4030 in the production of templates. Particularly commendable is that we could start working with this machine immediately. Machine operators were familiar with the control after just a  short induction. It is also top class when it comes to surface quality and repetition accuracy, as well as machining time.

Roland Platzke, Product Manager




What our customers say about the Industrial milling machine range:


Polyfoam Kautschuk GmbH 

"You are not only buying a machine but rather an all-inclusive package, meaning that you attain optimum machine productivity!"

Holger Koch, Managing Director



"Through the use of our two milling machines we are able to meet flexibly and punctually with the needs of our customers within the framework of a closed 3D chain. With their procurement we have not simply purchased systems but rather integrated an entire system solution. imes-icore not only stands available at any time to provide flexible support during the sale, but also in the operating phase."

Frank Jaeckel, Managing Director



What our customers say about the Premium milling machine range:


2E mechatronic GmbH & Co. KG

"Since 2011 we have been using our Premium 3020 in prototype construction. Thanks to the five-axis processing we are capable of producing three-dimensional MID modules without cost-intensive moulding tools. Utilising this technology our customers receive the first functioning parts in just a short time. Commissioning the machine was entirely uncomplicated. The competent training of the machine operators and the constant availability of imes-icore made sure of this.

Andreas Fries, Site Manager


DURA Automotive Body & Glass Systems GmbH

Manufacturing for the automotive industry means delivering consistently excellent quality, quickly and reliably. For this reason that we opted for a custom solution from the Platinum range, from imes-icore GmbH. DURA Automotive utilises 2 Platinum X3 with 3 axes and one Platinum X5 with 5 axes in parts production for the BMW i3. Due to the full-service concept from imes-icore, extremely high reliability and productivity are guaranteed by remote diagnostics and remote maintenance.

Manfred Miede, Head of technical purchasing


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