CNC machine control sytems



The Multi-F CNC Controller is a very compact and cost-effective multi-axis servo controller designed for CNC machine control applications. In native node of operation all servo axis are controlled via high-speed serial bus connected to RS-485 or USBport and the host computer. Alternatively the drives can be utilized in ±10V analog or step/direction. All electronic modules (power amplifiers,spindle control interface,safety circuit functions,multi I/O board,power supply) areintegrated in a small device. The Multi-F control is to be used in the CNC machine ICV 4030 and COMPAC 3223 in connection with the control program WIN remote - and as controller in the machine series PREMIUM in interaction with the HMC2000 controller and to the control program MM2000.

General characteristics

  • Modular design allowing up to 6 axis
  • Motors supported:Panasonic AC motors,DC servo motors,linear motors
  • up to 20 A peak / 12 A continuous output current per servo axis
  • individually adjustable motor current limits
  • RS-485 and USB interfaces with communication speed up to1.25 Mbps
  • Servo loop rate:51.2 µs
  • Encoder transition rate up to 20 MHZ
  • 1200 VA integrated power supply
  • Dimensions:432 x 254 x 178 mm





This CAN-CNC control supports the interpolation (linear,circular,helix) of up to six positioning gears per machine as well as upto 127 supporting axis respectively CAN modules. The accurate timing that a CNC control unit demands is ensured by isel developed Windows WDM driver.An additional real-time operating system for Windows is not necessary. This ensures the compatibility to future Windows versions. The CAN control is a software solution solely for computers with Windows NT/2000/XP.A small CAN-dongle at the parallel portserves as interface. Die CAN-BUS-Steuerung ist die Standardsteuerung in den Maschinenserien EUROMOD, FLATCOM und GFV.

General characteristics

  • machine control according to CANopen standard as software solution solely for PC’s with Windows NT/2000/XP
  • CiA-Standard,DS 301,DSP 401,DSP 402
  • Supports up to six positioning axis and 127 supporting axis respectively CAN modules
  • look-ahead path machining with a freely defined number of motion segments that are anticipatorily treated by the control
  • rate-of-change limiting to eliminate mechanical vibrations
  • pilot controlled speed for a highly dynamic machining without lag errors
  • Software tools to adjust and optimize the motor output stages/positioning modules PC-Interface
  • CAN-Dongle (parellel Interface,EPP/ECP/SPP)
  • Mini-PCI-Slot or PCI-Slot
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