CNC machine control software


Control solutions for a wide range of applications and processing technologies like CNC Milling Machines, Lasersystems and Water Jet Machines



CNC Steuerungssoftware fuer CNC Systeme / CNC control software for CNC systems

Remote is a universal control program for the output of files in the machining processes milling, drilling, gluing, engraving, application and waterjet cutting or laser cutting/welding. Supported file formats are the isel-specific NCP format (ASCII file generated by a CAM post processor with processing data), the isel-specific CNC format (ASCII files in an expanded format for universal use in the areas process automation, generated through ProNC) and the G-Code format per DIN 66025. Remote is primarily used for controlling CNC machines with a wide range of different tasks and machining processes; for this reason flexibility is a principle feature of the program. A large selection of options and functions enable simple alignment with the respective applicable requirements.



i-8000 i-8000 Software CNC System Steuerung / i8000 Software CNC Control

The i-8000 control is a Windows-based control, which has been programmed in imes-icore. Only with the fastest HSC-capable control technology are you assured of all processing advantages:

  • Set processing time 0.5 ms
  • Simultaneous processing up to 8 axes
  • Look-ahead rail control with high quality, modern
  • jerk limitation for harmonious movements
  • Sinus-form acceleration
  • Control software under Windows®

With a fast set processing time of up to 0.5 ms it is possible to travel at high feed speeds with high rail accuracy also with small point distances and complex geometric shapes. The user-friendly control software under Windows® facilitates communication with other computers (CAD/CAM stations) on the network.



Cos4MosWasserstrahl Steuerungssoftware von imes-icore / Waterjet control software by imes-icore

The Cos4Mos is a tailored software package that consists of a modern PC-based CNC control and a post processor with automatic nesting function. Through the process-specific features of the dynamic waterjet tool. Even untrained operators are effectively supported.


ProNCimes-icore Steuerungssoftware Automatisierung proNC CNC Steuerung / ProNC CNC control software for automation

Grundlage jeder The basis for each automation solution is high-performance software, which allows the rapid and convenient transformation of the task at hand into a practical solution. PRO-NC is the powerful operating and programming interface for Windows. A broad scope of problems can be solved with PRO-NC, ranging from individual station automation and use as a software solution for the operation of a manufacturing cell, right through to the integration of user programs. Due to its diversity and flexibility, PRO-NC is the ideal integration platform for your challenging automation solutions.


B&RB&R Steuerungssoftware für imes-icore CNC Systeme / B&R control software

B&R is a company based in Austria with branches right round the world. As an industry leader in industrial automation, B&R combines leading-edge technologies with advanced engineering. B&R supplies customers in various industries with perfect complete solutions in process automation, drive and control engineering, visualisation and integrated safety engineering. Solutions for industrial fieldbus communication – first and foremost POWERLINK and the open standard openSAFETY – complement the portfolio of B&R. Furthermore, the software development environment "Automation Studio" is pioneering for forward-looking engineering. With its innovative solutions, B&R is setting new standards in the world of automation, helping to simplify processes and exceeding customer expectations. B&R unites CNC, robotics and motion control on a single software platform called "Generic Motion Control" (GMC) and in doing so increases the efficiency of machines and systems. Exceptionally GMC is available for all drive types, from hydraulic drives right through to servo technology. GMC also integrates seamlessly in the machine application and therefore allows individual alignment with the respective application case. The flexibility of GMC also enables the simple integration of existing CNC and robotic dialects. The CNC operating software was developed by imes-icore and the operation and functionality have been optimally tailored to the CNC systems.


Heidenhain TNC 320Heidenhain TNC 320 Steuerungssoftware fuer imes-icore CNC Systeme / Heidenhain TNC 320 control software for imes-icore CNC systems

The TNC 320 is a compact yet diverse rail control with four (optionally five) controlled axes. Due to its flexible operating concept – workshop-orientated programmability in HEIDENHAIN plain text dialogue or external programming – and its performance scope, it is perfectly suited for use on universal milling and drilling machines. The 15-inch TFT colour flat screen clearly displays all information that is required for the programming, operating and management of the control and machine: Program sets, information, error messages, etc. Additional information is provided by the graphic support with the program entry, with the program test and during processing. With a split screen it is possible to display the NC sets in one screen half, and the graphic or status display on the other half of the screen.
Whilst the program is running, you always have access to status displays on the screen. These offer information regarding the tool position, the current program, the active cycles and coordinate recalculations, etc. Likewise, the TNC 320 informs of the actual processing time.
Ideal for:
  • Individual and series production
  • Tool and mould construction
  • General machine construction
  • Research and development
  • Prototype construction and test workshops
  • Repair departments
  • Training and education centres


Heidenhain iTNC 530Heidenhain iTNC 530 Steuerungssoftware für imes-icore Fraessysteme / Heidenhain iTNC 530 control software for imes-icore milling systems

The iTNC 530 from HEIDENHAIN is suitable for use as a diverse rail control, also in workshops, for milling and drilling machines, as well as for processing centres. The iTNC 530 is universal - this is underlined by its comprehensive functions for
• Universal milling machines
High speed milling (HSC)
• Five-fold processing with swivelling head and rotary table

The iTNC 530 is equipped with optimised movement guidance, short set processing times and special regulation strategies. The general digital configuration together with the integrated digital drive regulation including converter facilitate the maximum in processing times in conjunction with top contour precision - in particular when processing 2D contours or 3D shapes. Using the adaptive feed control AFC (optional), the iTNC automatically controls the rail feed - only dependent on the respective spindle output and other process data. This optimises the processing time, supports the tool monitoring and protects the machine mechanism.

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