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The processing of glass ceramics differs essentially from the processing of all other customary materials in the dental field. When machining is a grinding process which is carried out under continuous cooling tool, not a milling process. One speaks therefore of grinding tools. The abrasive tools consist of the base body and the diamond coating. The diamond coating is applied in an electroplating process to the basic body. The adhesion of the diamond grain size plays a crucial role in the basic body.

Only through a high quality plating process, an optimal connection between the grit and the base body can be achieved. In addition, the process needs to ensure the best possible uniformity of the diamond surface. The homogeneity is critical for a high surface quality of the restorations and for optimum service life of the grinding tools during the grinding process. The abrasive dental tools of imes-icore remain dimensionally stable up to the end of its life. There is no reduction of the diameter of the tools, which saves a costly measurement of the tool geometries or a complex of the dressing tools. Thus, the abrasive tools of the imes-icore are simple to use and have the sophistication of the best possible life at an unbeatable price-performance ratio.

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