Dental Milling tools for CORiTEC PMMA nano-composite / wax

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Tools for Wachs, plastics and PMMA Discs  

When processing plastics such as PMMA or PEEK, suppression of heat generation during milling plays a crucial role. Processing these materials with standard cutting tools usually results in strong heating of the dental milling tools. The resulting melting of plastics has a detrimental effect on the surface quality and the fit of restorations. In addition, conventional tools have only a short service life.

The milling tools developed and offered by imes-icore have been optimized for the high demands posed by milling of plastics. The slide coating of the tools results in a simple chip removal. As a result, optimum surface quality is achieved at maximum life expectancy.

The milling tools for PMMA and wax are available in two different versions: as single-edged and double-edged tools.

The single-edged tools are generally very good for all plastics and waxes. The dental milling tools are indispensable especially for the processing of high-performance plastics, such as PEEK or LavaTM Ultimate. The double-edged tools are suitable for processing of standard PMMA and wax. The double-edged tools are also suitable for processing of zirconium dioxide, and are therefore universally applicable.

The milling tools for PMMA and wax are available as radius end mills in the increments of 2.5 mm, 1.0 mm, 0.6 mm, and 0.3 mm in diameter. They are suitable for processing of dental cad/cam blanks of up to 25 mm height.

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