Dental Milling tools for CORiTEC CoCr/Ti

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The special coating and the abrasion geometries are designed for heavy-duty use in milling CoCr or titanium. The double back clearance of the tools simplifies chip discharge during the milling process, thus ensuring low temperature development. Thus the tools achieve the longest possible tool life.

The milling tools for CoCr and Ti are available in two lengths. The short version is suitable for processing of blanks of up to 15 mm height. The long version is suitable for blanks from 16 mm to 20 mm.  In general, when machining hard materials, it is always recommended to use tools as short as possible to ensure optimum mechanical milling properties. Optimal tool life is achieved and optimal conditions for your dental milling machine.

The processing of CoCr takes place usually in dry machining; processing of titanium must take place in wet machining.

The dental milling tools for CoCr and titanium are available as radius end mills in two different lengths, in the increments of 3.0 mm, 2.0 mm, 1.0 mm, and 0.6 mm in diameter.

For the processing of complex structures, such as an abutment interface, milling tools with special geometries are also available.

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