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Dental Academy

The imes-icore® GmbH offers tailor made dental trainings that address your daily challenges.

The training units refer to the CORiTEC iCAM V5 smart and the CORiTEC dental machines.
The individual CORiTEC iCAM V5 smart training courses are differentiated between basic, advanced and expert training.
In addition, you have the possibility to combine the individual modular training courses according to your wishes.

On demand we are also happy to perform a training at your site.
When may we welcome you?

CORiTEC iCAM V5 smart Basic Training

Design and operation of CORiTEC iCAM V5
smart CAM software

Explanation of additional components
(various adapters)

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CORiTEC iCAM V5 smart Advanced Training

Repetition Design and operation of CORiTEC
iCAM V5 smart CAM software

Dealing with complex structures on implants

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CORiTEC iCAM V5 smart Expert Training
Structure and application CORiTEC iCAM V5 expert on own brought cases
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CORiTEC Machine User Training

Operation of the system, Troubleshooting Operator, calibration, Maintenance work Operator, Operation of additional components, adapter, extraction unit

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iCAM V5 smart ReFit Implant Module Training

Workflow with the ELOS components including the iCAM V5 smart Refit Implant Module

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For newcomers and prospects, who are not yet utilizing digital production or are currently just scanning and sending their data to milling service providers, and for users who want to expand their current system / portfolio meaningful and profitable.

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Dental Academy

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