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Steiner GmbH / Kassel

"We have been working for many years with the machines of the company imes-icore, because we can successfully take advantage of the wide range of applications for our broad range of services."


Firma Klug

"Plastic moldings for Industrial and Commercial"

Hr. Wolfgang Klug, Geschäftsführer Klug Kunststoffverarbeitung, Overath



Rainer Hesse Vorrichtungen und SMD – Technologie e.K.

"We own and ready now to four CNC equipment (2 x GFV / 2 x FB2). As a" start-up "companies, we have decided for us four years ago for your plants. The decisive factor for us the good price / performance ratio .! "

Hr. Hesse, Fa. Hesse Vorrichtungen und SMD-Technologie




"Thanks to the unbeatable price / performance ratio, the maturity of the technology, the robustness of the technology and the perfect service of the manufacturer to CNC technology can even in a technically-artistic field, such as the reconstruction modeling, using a lot of sense."

Hr. Roese, Fa. Modus




"Our latest acquisition has been working for eight months (5 half days per week, 24 hours a day) without interference - that speaks for itself!"

Hr. Breitkreuz, Fa. Wetropa




"The versatile applications have convinced us."

Hr. Pielsticker, Fa. Risse & Co Spritzgießwerk



"We set the PREMIUM milling machine in design model making with great satisfaction a. The service of your home is very good."

Hr. Dinus, Fa. Grohe



Kordt Modellbau

"We thank the staff of the company imes-icore that have successfully supported us in every way."

Hr. Koerdt, Fa. Kordt Modellbau



Modellbau Büttner

"Together with the software from Schott systems, it is the ideal entry into the CAD / CAM, as price, performance and technical assistance agree."

Hr. Büttner, Fa. Modellbau Büttner



Plein Bronzen

"Our first CNC machine (with laser sensor CONOPROBE), which functioned smoothly and satisfactorily after installation and commissioning."

Hr. Plein, Fa. Plein Bronzen


dingfest design

"The excellent price / performance ratio has convinced us!"

Hr. Babel, Fa. dingfest design



Architekturmodellbau Dierasch

"... I am very happy with your company, the services and cooperation, and problem-solving."

Hr. Dierasch, Fa. Architekturmodellbau Dierasch



Ruch Nova Plast

"In particular, the support was felt by us to be very flexible and competent."

Hr. Zeifang, Fa. Ruch Nova Plast



Schulleiter Euro-Bildungswerk Freiberg

"For the laudable, encouraging co-operation, and the thus obtained many valuable and critical clues we thank the company imes-icore GmbH. In the future we will use the experience and suggestions firsthand and within the Euro-Schools organization, as well as other Recommend partners. "

Hr. Lohse, Schulleiter Euro-Bildungswerk Freiberg



Short Cut Frässervice

"After 15 years of use, you can see the reliability of the products not stress this enough."

Hr. Hauel, Fa. Short Cut Frässervice



"With your product and services of your home, we are well served and we love to advise you further."

Hr. Müller, Fa. KHM-Konstrukion



BEKO Elektronik A.S., Turkey

"We speed up the design process by the help of imes-icore. Very good service, good performance and cost ratio gives excellent flexibility for industrial design prototypes."

Mr. Bükülmez, company BEKO Elektronik A.S., Turkey



positronic beam service GmbH

"The cooperation with the company. imes.icore designed from the outset very cooperative and fruitful. Service and product are simply convincing."

Hr. Wiegmann, Gesellschafter-Geschäftsführer positronic beam service GmbH, Rellingen



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