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imes-icore GmbH Plant Eiterfeld

At imes-icore GmbH, the name says it all: Competence in CNC & DENTAL solution

The company was founded in 2002. The group of companies currently employs approx. 200 people.

The abbreviation imes for “integrated mechanics, electronics, software” implies our focus in Eiterfeld:  We focus on ready-to-use system solutions to meet requirements of customers in handicrafts, education and industry. The abbreviation icore stands for “integrated dental solutions” for the dental industry.

imes-icore combines all the know-how in the development, production, sales and service of complete CNC machine systems with all required additional components and CAD/CAM applications.

Cutting, separating material and assembling processes are offered in the global market in the form of “CNC systems from a single source”. The machine systems with the processing sizes of approx. 150 mm x 50mm up to approx. 3000 mm x 6000 mm (other sizes available on request) find their international market mainly in general:

  • Cutting technology (milling of hard metals, light metals, plastics, wood, styrofoam, ceramics, etc.)
  • CNC Technology (separation in the water jet cutting process or laser cutting process) 
  • Medical technology (Dental CAD/CAM systems and orthopaedic technology)
  • Reconstructive procedures (additive manufacture of components by melting wire and powder)

imes-icore GmbH offers the customer from the beginning a complete solution proposal for the task to be realized, through expert advice or a demonstration. After acceptance and delivery of a CNC machine system, corresponding training and support of the customer and the machine system is guaranteed by the specialist personnel in the after-sales service. Short response times for any inquiries or service operations also safeguard multi-layered industrial operations.

The outstanding advantages of imes-icore CNC systems are their modular structure, open interfaces, and flexibility for applicative adjustments they achieve. In this way, customer requirements can be met very quickly, and at a good price/performance ratio. The CNC systems are supplied as complete solutions, which can also be easily retrofitted and expanded with additional modular components and additional functions.

The corporate objective of imes-icore GmbH is to continually develop and improve the user-oriented features of different CNC machine systems. The system will be therefore flexible in the future, and up to date technologically at all times, to be able to meet the requirements with a coordinated system.


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