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CNC Milling Machines by imes-icoreCNC Milling Machines by imes-icore

imes-icore DentalfräsmaschinenDental Milling Machines by imes-icore


Dental Academy Launch

On 8th August 2019 imes-icore GmbH officially starts the CAD/CAM Dental Academy. With the concept of the CAD/CAM Dental Academy, imes-icore directly responds to the request of its customers for more information and background knowledge about the milling systems, tools and CAM software and their application.

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CORiTEC 650i – SLM hybrid processing

With the high-precision CORiTEC 650i machine, technology partners have developed a special process to re-mill work that was previously produced in the SLM process with high precision.

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T61 Quattro speed

The complex geometry of the four high-performance cutting edges (it‘s not just a radius tool!) develops a smooth running, greatly improved life time and a time saving of up to 50 % in the roughing process. Thus, units in metal are manufactured in 10 – 15 minutes in the highest quality!

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