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CNC Milling Machines by imes-icoreCNC Milling Machines by imes-icore

imes-icore DentalfräsmaschinenDental Milling Machines by imes-icore


imes-icore® launches new versions of the CORiTEC machines one and one

Good news from Eiterfeld, Hesse: imes-icore® GmbH launches the newest versions of its dental milling machines CORiTEC one and CORiTEC one . The company produces dental milling machines for more than 18 years and impresses with professional and high-quality CAD/CAM-systems. With the CORiTEC one and one , imes-icore® offers perfectly suited milling machines for the chairside area as well as clinics and small laboratories. Both systems assure new features and a wide range of applications and are the perfect assistants for dentists and dental technicians.

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CORiTEC one ranked first place in the Merlon test

The CORiTEC one from imes-icore® was developed as a high-quality machine for the chairside area. The fact that the machine fulfills all quality requirements for its purpose was now shown by the so called „Merlon test“.

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Automation as a liberation

Sooner or later, every successful company will probably come to this point: From a humble start with just a few employees the business developed into a certain industrial size with a bigger presence on the market. Over time, it becomes clear that the established structures are no longer able to cope with the more and more complex demands. More customers, more orders, international business relationships – at a certain point, all of this work can no longer be brought under control with Excel sheets and self-programmed administration software.

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