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CNC Milling Machines by imes-icoreCNC Milling Machines by imes-icore

imes-icore DentalfräsmaschinenDental Milling Machines by imes-icore


imes-icore in cooperation with the dental surgery of the next generation

The first show dental surgery of the “Zahnarztpraxis der Zukunft” (ZPdZ) with the name “ZAP8” has opened in Düsseldorf in November 2019. This is a reference dental surgery, which is however used in dental everyday business. The CORiTEC one milling system from imes-icore was integrated into this dental surgery.

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New packaging colors for original imes-icore® milling and grinding tools
Due to the continuous development of possibilities and applications that can be produced with imes-icore® milling machines, the product portfolio of the various milling and grinding tools has been steadily expanded over time.
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The new Platinum X3 2010 is here!

The Platinum X3 2010 has a travel range of 1000mm x 2000mm in X and Y and a Z-diameter height of 250mm, making the milling system ideal for sheet and flat materials such as aluminium, plastics or foams

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