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Laser marking and cutting machines


The spectrum of imes-icore laser systems

ranges from simple engraving of plastics, wood or metal right through to cutting foils and flat materials. 

To allow the application group a simple selection at the appropriate machine system, we divide our laser machines in: 

Economy-Serie - Laser systems with low installation area for training and prototyping or small batches

Industry-Serie - Laser systems for serial production of router products with long travel

Premium-Serie - Laser systems for the processing of high-precision parts, such as the Micro Laser Cutting

Unique systems such as the economical i-las diode laser enable the engraving of plastics and foams. The i-las PLATINUM laser is based on the imes-icore PLATINUM concept. The highest quality materials are used here, in order to achieve maximum accuracy. With a fibre laser up to 1000 Watt, the i-las PLATINUM also enables the cutting of metals in larger thicknesses.

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