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Rotary units

The gigantic range of applications of CNC systems is enhanced by the use of different axes of rotation types. Thus, demanding roll engravings, More page edits, or the manufacture of stamping can be realized.

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With special rotary units - modules, which are designed with the high-precision Harmonic Drive gears, innumerable other applications can be realized.

The combination spectrum extends from large axes of rotation for clamping of heavy parts with large diameters to units with very high reproducibility accuracies up to rotary / pivot axes or units with applied tool axis. The control of the different rotation modules occurs by the adaptation of the postprocessor of isy CAM 3.7.

. The powerful software functions support all possible multi-sided machining, 3 + 2 - axis or 5-axis milling applications simultaneously. Rotary axis modules on request. Talk to us. We can advise you and dimensioned free your CNC system. CNC system solution from a single source!

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