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imes-icore Custom made cnc milling, water jet cutting and laser cutitng, engraving systems
        CNC Milling Machines and Systems imes-icore Water Jet cutting machinesimes-icore Laser Cutting and Engraving Systems

Typical applications for our
CNC milling systems / CNC waterjet cutting systems / Laser marking / cutting systems


The CNC milling systems from imes-icore found in a variety of industries for many years use. Thanks to the modular expansion options, the machines are easy to bring even after many years on the cutting edge of technology. This is ensured by its own, constant further development of components from imes-iocre. So, for example, an exhaust or an axis of rotation in many machines can be retrofitted easily. Due to their ease of use and high-quality design, the imes-icore machines delight in countless industry sectors the highest popularity. If the demands on a system special attention to our Customized machines ideal adaptation of control engineering and CAD / CAM software to the application you want.


Application examples for CNC-Milling Machines

  • Wood and plastic processing
  • metalworking
  • tool industry
  • research
  • Medical, Dental, Orthopedics
  • Mould
From the flexible contract manufacturing facility for CNC milling, water jet cutting to laser systems for cutting or engraving. The CNC systems from imes-icore can be used flexibly. According customers request we CNC machines fit specifically to the customer's request. All our CNC milling systems, waterjet cutting systems or laser systems are manufactured in Germany.