PREMIUM 5030 und ICV 4020

Imes-icore presents two new milling machine systems in summer 2017.

The ICV 4030 is the latest development in the field of table milling machines, especially for machining in model making or prototyping

The Optimized machine is characterized by its integrated control computer, the easy access to the machining area and the upgradeability as an ideal companion for the workshop day. Extensions such as suction, rotary axes, milling spindles or mechanical and pneumatic support systems are standard features at imes-icore.

The second innovation in this year is the PREMIUM 5030. The 5-axis HSC milling system represents the consistent further development of the PREMIUM 4030. A system that has enjoyed the highest popularity in the area of ​​high-precision milling for several years. “Due to the changing requirements our customers place on modern milling systems, we developed the PREMIUM 5030”, explains Frank Schneider (sales manager for industrial systems imes-icore). The milling system has a travel distance of approx. 500 mm x 300 mm. Linear motor technology, RF spindles and high-precision HSK tooling enable the machine to achieve the highest accuracy at high speeds.

Further information about the machine systems or trade fair exhibition dates can be found here

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